Teaching Philosophy

I believe violin studying is really personal and each one has his or her own pacing.  My goal is to find the most effective way to help each student as an individual.  I have vision for every student and I want to envision them to let them be able to see where they can get in violin playing.
I want to help students understand the instrument better and play with logical analysis, moreover, I also focus on helping them play violin more coordinately, so they can play violin with physical and mental ease without excessive motion. 
My education background allows me to integrate the good things from both Western and Asian pedagogical philosophies.  I weigh the foundation of violin technique training heavily.  I give my students systematical technique trainings and help them get through it step by step.  Meanwhile, I try to teach in an inspiring and encouraging way to help students play with open mind and confidence.

I believe improving one's performing level is an inside-out process.  In order to achieve this, I care more about their sensitivity of sound quality, intonation and musical character.  I want to inspire them to feel the connection between the music and their life and to play the sound coming from their heart.


I embrace the idea that there is no shortcut and quick fix in violin progress.  I ask my students to be consistently focusing on where they need to fix or improve, and never give up on reaching to finer achievement.  Meanwhile, I would also be consistent on challenging them while appraising every small step of improvement.