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Welcome to Our Studio 

Welcome to Luna's Violin Studio!

In our studio, we believe violin studying is really personal and each one has his or her own pacing.  Our goal is to find the most effective way to help each student as an individual.  We have vision for every student and we want to envision them to let them be able to see where they can get in violin playing.

Our teachers help students understand the instrument better and play with logical analysis, moreover, we also focus on helping them play violin more coordinately, so they can play violin with physical and mental ease without excessive motion. 
Our studio weighs the foundation of violin technique training heavily.  The students will receive systematical technique trainings step by step.  In the meantime, we also care more about their sensitivity of sound quality, intonation and musical character. 
In our studio, each student will have an individualized a periodical lesson plan every semester. We host recitals in both spring and winter each year. Moreover, we also help students prepare for Royal Conservatory Examinations. For more information, please visit:

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