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Dr. Luna Chu is an extremely talented and gifted individual.  Seasoned well beyond her years, she offers an incredible opportunity to all who study under her to gain knowledge, skills, and a very high level of development on the violin.  She has a gentle manner and kind approach in all she does - making lessons enjoyable - but she NEVER sacrifices her devotion to the strict disciplines that must be adhered to in order to progress in violin mastery.  With this delicate balance so well developed; she offers a unique experience for the violin student.  Her many qualifications ensure not only the right start to every young and budding violinist, but also the further developments of the advanced student seeking direction with which to pursue violin on a professional level.

- Christina Wikman, age 25, violin instructor

Dr. Luna Chu is a huge blessing to my violin study.  She has a very unique and amazing approach to teaching that challenges her students in various ways.  She is always gentle, caring and patient to her students.  And at the same time she emphasizes the importance of details such as sound, phrasing, technique, etc., which enables me to have tremendous improvement in my violin playing.  She also shares her own musical experiences, both good and bad, to encourage me to strive for excellence.  Dr. Chu is a genuinely amazing teacher and I am always inspired by her.

- Weiran, age 16, Liberal Arts and Science Academy


Luna is a fabulous violin teacher!  She is patient, positive, very consistent and detailed in all of her work with my 4 sons.  She teaches my oldest son at an advanced level as well as my youngest son who is a beginner.  I am amazed at how she challenges each individual student, expecting focus and discipline and drawing out his best, all with kindness and attentiveness.  I highly recommend her!

- Laura, sons, home-schooled

Luna is the best violin teacher I have ever encountered throughout my journey as a musician.  In the few months that I have taken lessons with her, I have transformed my sound and technique from a student to a budding soloist, as well as placing in the 2019-2020 TMEA All-State Orchestra.  Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend her as a teacher.

- Eric Quan, senior, Westlake High School

Luna is a wonderful teacher, and in the few months I've been with her my sound has improved significantly, and I've been able to play pieces I never thought I could.  I'm so grateful to be part of her violin studio.

- Isabella Quan, sophomore, Westlake High School

We have been taking lessons with Luna in the past few years now.  Our son really enjoys the lessons with her!  She

is caring, patient and detail oriented.  Her teaching is also technically rigorous on both etudes and concertos, ensuring 

smooth yet solid progress on violin study.  Highly recommended for aspiring young violinist!

- Xiaomin, son, age 13, Canyon Vista Middle School

Luna is definitely the best teacher that I have had since starting violin.  She is very enthusiastic and optimistic.  Luna focuses on techniques and musicality while personalizing her teaching for her students according to their level and ability, and she is very patient with all of her students.  Her teaching is straightforward and easy to follow.  Luna is very good at using her class time productively and effectively.  My level of violin playing significantly increased after just several lessons with her.  I would definitely recommend taking lessons with her, whether you are a beginner or an advanced player.


- Yuting Xiao, age 16, Westlake High School

My son has been taking violin private class from Luna for over four years now.  He enjoys going to violin class and he had improved so much.  Luna is very good at using simple and interesting examples to explain complicated musical concepts for younger students.  She designs the class specifically for each individual student because she understands their advantages and short areas.  Luna is also persistent when trying to tackling difficult techniques and keeping the students from going back to their wrong habits.  Luna is encouraging and passionate at teaching.  My son has accomplished so much with her continuous effort.

- Lynn, son, age 11, Kealing Middle School

It has been a journey of musical growth for my six year old daughter under Luna's instruction.  Luna teaches in a manner that encourages my daughter to initiate technique improvement as part of her general course of learning.  Even in instances when my daughter might get distracted, Luna is able to gently get her to refocus on the task at hand without ever forcing her to do so.  Luna's method of questioning my daughter while explaining a new technique is an effective mean of making sure that my daughter understands why, for example, flexibility in a bow hold produces a particular quality of sound.

- Nelun, daughter, age 6


My daughter started lessons with Mrs. Chu this year.  She has always been patient in teaching violin skills.  She can find the way to let a student spark and retain interest in her learning.  She focuses on my daughter's response and utilizes every minutes of every lesson.  Wonderful teacher!

- Noelle, daughter, age 8

I am a student of Mrs. Chu and I've been playing the violin for about 4 years.  She is very patient and has a very unique way of teaching.  I think I'm very lucky to have her as my violin teacher.

- Patrick, age 10


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