Beginner - half of Suzuki book 1: $40 / 30-minute lesson

Suzuki book 1 - Suzuki book 2 or equal level: $60 / 45-minute lesson
Suzuki book 3 and up or equal level: $80 / 60-minute lesson

Teacher will decide the lesson length for a student based on the evaluation of the student’s level and concentration span.  As a student is progressing in violin playing, some extra study materials (such as scale, etude, theory materials) will be included in the lesson, so it will need more time to cover everything in one lesson.



Please make sure to arrive 10 minutes before your child’s scheduled lesson time.  This gives your child time to prepare.  All parents of child aged under 12 should attend their child’s lesson and take notes, which their child will use during home practice.  Make a copy of the repertoire that the student is learning and bring it to lesson every time for me to write notes on and the student will take it home for practice.

You are welcome to use a cell phone to record videos of new skills.  Please keep your cell phone silenced at other times; it is easy to get distracted and miss key points of the lesson.  Your child will feel supported by your whole-hearted attention.



In order to get the most out of lessons and enjoy the feeling of progress, you must commit to daily listening and practice (5 days per week minimum).  Please read your practice assignments every week, and don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


Preparation for lessons

It is the responsibility of all students to come to lesson with their assignments prepared.  Lack of preparation from a middle or high school student may result in being dismissed from the lesson.  This dismissal constitutes your child’s lesson for the week.

Bring the music books and all materials every lesson.  I will not provide the books and missing necessary materials may cause cancellation or delay for the lesson.

Cancellation & Make-Ups

Each student will have one chance for a make-up lesson every semester.  Make-up lessons will be scheduled at the end of each semester (the week will vary depending on calendars but approximately after studio recitals and before breaks).  This lesson may also be refunded if unable to be made up. 


Every student who is able to maintain a full attendance for the whole semester will get a bonus lesson and a small gift at the end of the semester.


If you must miss a lesson due to a schedule conflict or illness more than once a semester, you may contact another student to arrange a trade (provided you make this request at least one week in advance) or donate your lesson to another family. This is the best way to handle lessons you need to miss. 


If you are unable to arrange a trade, you could contact me to see if I could find another time to make-up, however, this kind of make-up lesson is not guaranteed, and if the lesson cannot be rescheduled within a month, the lesson will be forfeited. Canceled lesson will not be refunded.


Please notify me of absences as far in advance as possible; this will help you and others receive a make-up lesson.  Lessons missed without prior notice will not be made up.  Scheduled make-up lessons will not be rescheduled for any reason.


Please understand that you are not just paying for lesson given, but reserving a time slot!  This time has been set aside for you regardless of whether you attend or not.


Any lesson missed by the teacher's reasons of schedule conflicts or illness, will be made up or the lesson refunded. 

Tuition payment and Fees

Tuition is paid monthly for appropriate amount of lessons to be given each month. 

Payment is due at the first lesson of each month.

Tuition is payable by cash or check.  Checks are to be made out to “Chu Chu”.  Late payments will incur a $10 fee, which will be waived once a semester.  Music and theory books can be purchased by the parent.  I am willing to purchase them as well, and the amount will be applied to the next month's tuition.


Student who fail to prepare for lessons, maintain regular attendance, prioritize group class, or be responsive in payments and communication may be dismissed from the studio.


Studio Transfer and Termination Policy

If you are a student in my studio, and considers transferring studio, please complete your recital for the concluding semester and make any changes before the new semester begins.  If you give notice within the first month of the upcoming semester, you are responsible for one month of tuition from the date notice was given (partial month is prorated).  After the first calendar month, families are required to complete the entire semester.

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